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Socially consCious, for-purpose, and intentionally human.

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Community is everything. Online, yes. But most especially in real life.

We are an epic lifestyle brand + community for badass women. We’re living in a digital world where we have never needed to see each others' eyeballs more than we do right now.

We believe in the importance of brave spaces where we can explore the nuances of our humanity with sparkles of inspiration, belly laughs of entertainment, and the brave willingness to vulnerably talk about our messiness in a complicated world.

Now it’s time to get real - IRL. Have monthly conversations in your community that allow you to learn, grow, laugh, and make positive change where it matters.

wE BELIEVE WE ARE made better together.

Let’s start today. Keep reading.

We believe…

Love is our highest tenEt.

For ourselves. For each other.  Humans above profit. Always.

Collaboration Above Competition.

Reject the notion that women are inherently catty and competitive. WE can do exponentially more together than we can alone. We are powerful in our hearts; we are powerful in community.

Reckless Generosity.

Ours is a paradigm of abundance, as there is and will always be more than enough. We are enough. It’s our prerogative to operate from a place that allows us to be recklessly generous with our time, our energy, our relationships, and our money. 

Radical integrity and even more Radical Grace.

We hold ourselves to an exceptionally high standard and when we fall short, we bravely own our mistakes and learn from them.


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4. Change your world

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This part - the most exciting part - is up to you.

We (like you) are perfectly flawed works in progress trying to figure this whole “life” thing out.

We curate content, advice, events, happenings, podcasts, videos, and more meant to help all of us identify what we want and find real ways to make it happen.

We aren’t therapists. We aren’t magicians. We aren’t fairy godmothers.

We are friends. We are a badass community. We are here for each other. Join us. Let’s DO this!

If you’re here because you’re in crisis - please reach out to professional resources for help. It’s the bravest thing you’ll ever do and you deserve it. One way is to text GIRL to 741-741 to be connected to a trained crisis counselor. It’s free, confidential, and available 24/7.

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