A Chat With Psychotherapist Lauren Freier


Lauren Freier is a psychotherapist who has been kind enough to consult with I AM THAT GIRL in the past. She is so inspiring and gracious, we just had to get to know her better! She sat down with Olivia Gardner, and here’s some of what she had to say:

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IATG: Tell us about who you are and the work that you do.

Lauren: I am a psychotherapist working in private practice in Chicago. Right now, I work with adolescents and adults struggling with transitions, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, and pretty much any life transition.

IATG: I am a badass because…

Lauren: I am a badass because I refuse to let fear get in the way of my goals and my aspirations. I think that some of the best advice I’ve ever received was to avoid fear-based decision making, and that’s become a core practice of mine. By choosing the unknown and choosing the scary and choosing the uncomfortable for myself, I am taking on a parallel approach to the situations my own clients are facing. This helps me to better join them in their own sometimes scary, unknown, and uncomfortable journeys. This bravery is something that I really value and is why I chose the rollercoaster of being my own boss. Opening up my own practice was about making a change for myself, and daring myself to take that risk is something I’m really proud of.

IATG: What wakes you up most days and gets you out of bed?

Lauren: I think my job is what gets me out of bed because I’m excited to go do it. It is an amazing opportunity to help people realize and reach their full potential. I get to have real conversations all day every day,, and I love to be there, help, and collaborate with all my clients every day.

IATG: What is the mantra you find yourself repeating on a stressful day?

Lauren: ‘She believed she could so she did’ – it’s a reminder that oftentimes I can be my own biggest enemy or my own biggest obstacle. Particularly when you’re working for yourself, it can be difficult to maintain that attitude of keeping focused and fighting for your goals. It’s so easy to become afraid of making a mistake or doing something you might regret. I have come to realize that I think my biggest regret would instead be to look back and wonder ‘what if,’ and I never want to do that.

IATG: Tell us about a girl that you admire.

Lauren: I don’t want to sound too cliché, but I admire so much about every girl I come in contact with, whether that be clients, friends, sisters, my mother, or my grandmother, who are advocating for themselves and living their truth. They stay aware and they’re really true to their passions. I admire so many females in my life who push boundaries and go for it -whether that be a job, workout class, relationship, or anything else.

IATG: If you could tell every girl in the world one thing, what would it be?

Lauren: I think it would be to participate, to show up and actively engage in creating whatever story you want to create for yourself, to embrace your potential for failure, to allow for things to get messy at times, to step into opportunities that are that good kind of scary, and with that I think to remember that who you are is enough. You’re deserving of that love, that acceptance, and that greatness simply for existing. Your worth isn’t something that needs to earned. It’s not something determined by other people. It’s not conditional - your worthiness and enoughness is a given.

Get in touch with Lauren at ignitecounseling.com

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