IATG Alumna Profile - Dayanne Nah


“I was invited to go to GIRL2017 (IATG’s yearly leadership summit) in LA and it was life changing. IATG is something that every girl needs. IATG is the first time I shared my brain tumor journey and it became an inspiration. 


Here I started to believe that I could use my story to inspire girls to be confident in who they are and always believe in themselves because I wish I had IATG when I went through this tough battle in high school.

I had to give up playing soccer and basketball because of my brain tumor so I decided to work in sports. It was a tough time to show what I am capable of doing, especially as a Mexican girl with a disability. 

Right now, I work with 3 Bay Area sport teams and a restaurant job. I want to use my story to inspire girls to do what they love even though it gets hard sometimes. Even though my time with IATG meetings ended, I AM THAT GIRL is still a huge part of my life.” - Dayanne