IATG Alumna Profile: Claire Porter

“I came across I AM THAT GIRL at a time when I needed it most.  I had just entered college and was initially very excited to be defined and categorized by the organizations I joined. Weird...I know. Luckily, IATG provided a space where I could work on figuring out who I was, who I wanted to be, and actually grow into that person. 

I thought critically, challenged my beliefs, and surrounded myself with strong, ambitious women I wouldn’t have otherwise met. IATG pushed me to become a more empathetic, understanding person, while also helping me understand the power of helping and supporting others.

After facilitating meetings as the chapter leader my senior year, I joined the national organization as a consultant to support their conversation kits and other needs, while also working for a mental health startup. Now, I’m wrapping up an exciting job working for OMG WTF, a political PAC that supported state executives who also cared about the greater good. 

Supporting impact-minded organizations is very important to me, and I’ve been able to mention my leadership skills gained through IATG during just about every interview or networking event. IATG truly helped shape me into the social impact-minded woman I am today, and I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without it.” - Claire