Creativity Block? I Get It! by Richelle Ouellette

Dear Creativity Blocker,

I get it. You don’t want me to do anything weird or unordinary because people might think it’s strange, or worse — that I am.

I appreciate that you are trying to protect me from humiliation, public, embarrassment, shame. Thank you for wanting to spare me the pain.

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Why Can't I Be Her? by Susannah Hutcheson

It seems like these days we are stuck in this endless cycle of competition- with ourselves, with our neighbors, with our social media feeds, with our own family and friends. It’s time to reclaim ourselves and stop competing with ourselves over every little thing.

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Talking Money with my Honey by Amanda DeWoody

Talking 💰 with anybody is…not always easy. But Amanda is here to help! Coming soon, a new sort of financial column that will answer your big $$$ questions, help you feel more financially literate, and prep you to make decisions with your money that work for you and where you are in your life - whoever else is or isn’t in it with ya!

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Educators as Innovators

Coming soon! We’ll be getting real with educators of all kinds as they share their expertise, some of what they’ve learned, and their vision for the future of education. Watch this space! Know somebody crushing it in this space with whom simply must speak? Email us at

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