I mean…everything! But here are our main content categories, just to start:



We are creating a new standard by which we define our health. Too often the emphasis is simply on the physical. Our mental, spiritual and emotional health must be equally considered and prioritized. If we are not good, we are no good to anyone else. We preach the “good kind of selfish”! Making ourselves a priority to have the juice to prioritize others. 


We believe the two most important ingredients in our fuel tank are passion and purpose. The day we were born was certainly important, but even more so is the day we figure out why. Identifying what lights us up and why we are here are what feeds the bonfire in our soul. And sometimes when we get lost or off track, we need to be reminded of that why in order to turn the electricity back on inside and get our heart pumping again. We’re here to provide inspiration, motivation and guidance to help you turn the lights on and keep them on. 


We know definitively that humans need humans. Life is too hard and too messy to ever be done alone. We make it our mission to provide positive, supportive community both on-and-off-line to remind everyone that they are never, ever alone. Relationships are everything, but it always starts with the person in the mirror. While we cannot prevent the struggles each of us will inevitably encounter, we can alleviate the burden by having each others’ backs when the road gets hard. In short, we are the family you get to choose.


The proverbial kitchen is where all the action takes place and we don’t think it’s any different outside of a home. Food and drinks have always been a way for people to come together, love, support and nourish each other. We take our curation of these special times of breaking bread very seriously, providing the best and most thoughtful delectable delights, healthy home cooking and delicious thirst quenchers so you can focus on the stuff that really matters- each other. 


Travel is an outdoor classroom and a peephole into the various shades of our humanity. We can’t “walk" in someone else’ shoes unless, well, we do just that: taste the foods that remind them of home, smell their city's unique aromas, dance and explore, hike and adventure along their canals, caves, cathedrals and crosswalks. Whether we are in a position to hop on a plane ourselves or to live and learn vicariously through others, we value chasing adventures with the same insatiable hunger that we have to never, ever, ever stop learning.  

money honey

While we love to talk about passion and purpose, dreams and daring; we fully recognize that we cannot honestly discuss any of it if we cannot pay our rent. Sure, it’s fun to read about adventure, health, travel, relationships, or fine food, but we want to make sure you’re able to actually experience it. And that means: 💰, honey. While other lifestyle brands may leave the dollar signs out, we are dedicated to making sure you have the financial literacy to authentically afford the lifestyle you want. Our goal: no more distinctions between your dreams and your reality. 


There are always two lives: the life we live and the un-lived life we have always wanted. We want to bridge the gap between those two and not simply present what that is, but offer ideas and suggestions of what could be. While we strive to be aspirational, we are also not interested in obnoxiously unaffordable. We are real girls with real budgets who. YES, want our dream lives while also not breaking the bank. We don’t think those two things are mutually exclusive. We’re here to figure out how we make the inspirational life style actually attainable. Doing cool shit and having cool shit isn’t for the one percent, it can be for all of us. That is the world we want to live in.