• Wait…what’s happening here?

    Welcome to I AM THAT GIRL 2.0! We’re so excited to be venturing into this new chapter that will allow us to have an even greater impact both online and IRL. Our goals remain consistent in that we strive to have conversations about things that actually matter, inspire positive change, and grow as individuals and communities…we’re just doing it in an upgraded way! Read our vision to learn more.

  • Didn’t you used to have Local Chapters in high schools and colleges?

    Yes! For the first 10 years of our organization we were a chapter-based model. We love that part of our history and are so proud of the tens of thousands of brilliant hearts it impacted. While we no longer operate through Local Chapters, we’re excited to introduce Empowerment Circles.

  • What are Empowerment Circles?

    Empowerment Circles are for women/NB folk ages 18+ to gather with those in their community who want to talk about things that actually matter + create positive change together.

  • Where can I find the resources to start my own Empowerment Circle?

    Anyone who wants to start an Empowerment Circle will have access to a general how-to guide with best practices for getting started, facilitating conversations, and creating change. You can also view 5 sample conversation kits. If you’d like more resources + support, sign up to become a paid member.

  • How do I find people to join my Empowerment Circle?

  • Start where you are and use what you have! Invite your friends, coworkers, classmates, neighbors, or family members. Spread the word via social media, make fliers, or strike up a conversation at your local coffee shop. Remember that if you’re feeling inspired to have these conversations, there are undoubtedly others in your community who are craving them as well.

  • What comes with a paid membership?

  • With a paid membership you’ll receive all of our free content, as well as our monthly newsletter, in addition to monthly conversation kits for your Empowerment Circle, access to full episodes of our podcast, video interviews with badass influencers, an invitation to our member’s only Facebook page, as well as office hours- your chance to connect with experts in various fields to ask questions, gain inspiration, and receive support. Get started on our Vision page.

  • Is there an age requirement?

  • While anyone is free to view our website and follow us on social media, our content is most suitable for those over 18. However, to be a paid member you must be 18 or older.

  • How can I be involved if I’m under 18?

  • We love that so many of you are interested in having these conversations at such a young age! While we can’t provide specific resources or support that best fit your needs, we’d love to recommend your involvement with Girls, Inc., Kind Campaign, Girls Empowerment Network (only in Texas) or the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

  • Is there a place to purchase merchandise?

  • There is! Check out “Partners,” above.

  • Do you have inspirational journal prompts?

  • Coming soon!

  • What if I decide to use your materials?

  • We want you to adapt, enrich and incorporate the ideas we provide to grow your version of you. Due to the liberty people take on many social media platforms and on school papers, please be mindful of copyright. Whether it’s our material or the work of other people, if you are using excerpts from written materials or saying things closely based on someone else’s work, you’ll want to be compliant with U.S. Copyright law.

  • Have more questions?

  • Contact us at info@iamthatgirl.com and we’ll do our best to answer! Please allow at least a week for reply.